President Obama /4/Switch from BlackBerry to Samsung or LG Phone

President Obama /4/Switch from BlackBerry to Samsung or LG Phone

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According to certain recent leaks, president Obama /4/switch his Blackberry for an Android device from LG or Samsung.

The US government has been a client of BlackBerry for some time now. But since the company has been facing dire straits at present on both the financial as well as the creative level, Uncle Sam might just change his mind. 

Especially, the president is a likely candidate for some other devices besides BlackBerry. The state security agencies are currently testing LG and Samsung models which run Android for the leader of the free world. 

The BlackBerry version has been giving the president some problems recently. The changeover of gadgets is still a long way off though. It will take months and maybe the event will transpire when the president has left office for good. 

The White House especially takes extra care with the mobile device handed to the president. Only ten very important individuals are currently on the list of permanent contacts in president Obama’s BlackBerry device. 

Meanwhile, the report has set the CEO of BlackBerry on the defensive. Despite the fact that his company is failing on every front, he wants to gain the sympathies of the US government in Washington D.C. On the other hand, LG and Samsung have expressed ignorance in these matters. 

However, one thing about which everyone can be sure of is that the president won’t be using an Apple iPhone anytime soon. That simply remains out of the question. The step of leaving the BlackBerry platform high and dry is also being taken by other governmental agencies in the United States. 

This is pretty bad news indeed for the already down-on-its-luck handheld device manufacturer. There was a time when BlackBerry was all the rage in each and every corner of the globe. But today all that is gone with the wind. 

Well, if you come to think of the positive side of the equation, president Obama won’t be getting anymore “BlackBerry Thumb” which is an ailment that temporarily cripples the hand used to operate the device. 

Source: WSJ

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