Price is Right Model inadvertently gives away $21,960 Car

Price is Right Model inadvertently gives away $21,960 Car

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One of the models of The Price is Right show inadvertently gave away a brand new luxury vehicle to one of the contestants. It was a slip of the tongue-style blunder alright yet it was a costly mistake.

Andrea was on a lucky streak alright. In the capacity of a contestant on the show The Price is Right she had three choices to guess the correct price of a Hyundai Sonata. The Price is Right Manuela Arbelaez pulled the first tag from the choices and it said NO.

But she also accidentally pulled out the other one along with it which had the exact price on it. Much to the surprise and cheers of the crowd, Manuela put her hand to her mouth in embarrassment.

The host of the show, Drew Carey, congratulated Andrea and lightly ribbed Manuela for her obvious blunder. Seems like the show model was in a happy mood since she had given away so much in the blink of a second.

Manuela could not believe her floundering act and even chose to hide behind the display cards that showed the prices. Yet she was let off easy since it is only human to do something wrong or make an error. 

To err is human and to forgive is divine. When such a faux pah occurs people look on and jeer or at least cheer. But when the jackpot prize is a shiny new car, well, things are a little different. Manuela was pretty shamefaced and laughed with a tittering voice.

As for the sense of schadenfreude that the onlooking crowd felt at the slip of the…hand!…well, it shows us that human nature still retains a touch of evil somewhere deep within it. Andrea would have to had walk away without a single cent had not Manuela blew the cover regarding the vehicle’s right price.

Oh well, such little things happen on the occasion of such big events. It is only to be expected that given the margin for human error and parapraxis, one fine day such a blooper was bound to happen.

It is a mistake worth many thousands of dollars though. It is a good thing that the team behind the show and the execs of the enterprise have a kind heart and will retain Manuela’s services despite her colossal crash in rationality. Manuela even posted a tweet to the effect that “no, I am not in trouble”.    


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