Qualcomm integrates both LTE and Wi-Fi in its New LTE-U Small Cells

Qualcomm combines LTE and Wi-Fi in its New LTE-U Chips

Credit: Qualcomm
  • Qualcomm Extends LTE To Unlicensed Spectrum (LTE-U)
  • New Chipsets Powered by LTE-U Small Cells will be Showcased at MWC 2015

Qualcomm is working on extending LTE so to enhance user mobile experience which will also help the operators with meeting their network capacity demands.

With time, users have been asking for more data. The demand for mobile data is increasing and to address those needs, Qualcomm is extending LTE to unlicensed spectrums. It announced today that it will be integrating the technology into its small cell solutions and RF transceivers.

They are also working and testing to see if LTE-U and Wi-Fi access points could co-exist. Qualcomm also announced that the company is with unlicensed spectrums under extreme load conditions. Qualcomm Technologies will be at this year’s MWC in Barcelona where they will be showcasing their new solution with LTE-U.

Executive VP of Qualcomm Technologies and Chief Technology officer said that the internet is going to enter into a new phase of growth. He said that in the future, more devices will be connected with each other and there would a lot of data flow.

He said that we need to devise a method which is going to be cost effective and on the same time it increases the data flow speed to around 1000 times. He said that in order to do this, they need a combination of more spectrum.

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They will need this combination so that they can be more efficient while using the existing spectrum. He also said that the company’s job is to help the industry so that everyone can make the best use of the available spectrum. He was talking about using both LTE and Wi-Fi to increase capacity.

When we extend LTE to unlicensed spectrum we get many advantages. We get a more reliable and a more predictable performance. The user experience can also be greatly improved. We will also get a better performance when compared with LTE and Wi-Fi.

The range of the network would be longer and it would also have more capacity. Carriers would get additional capacity to augment mobile broadband. So at this MWC we will see Qualcomm integrate LTE-U into a small SoC to expand capacity and it will also seamlessly extend LTE networks.

VP of business development Qualcomm Technologies said that the FSM99xx family is designed to bring outdoor, enterprise and small to medium business access points to the next level of performance and value.


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