R. Kelly Assault Video Leaks Online?

R. Kelly Assault Video Leaks

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R. Kelly was assaulted recently and the altercation was caught on camera.

There have been reports that R. Kelly was in a tiff during the past two to three days. The video clip of the conflict will soon go viral on the Internet. Many people saw R. Kelly get beat up after he denied the crowd the right to hear him sing a song at a  night club in Gulf Port.

Since the people had paid a lot of dollars to watch him perform, when he refused to move a muscle of his body or voice box the result as you /4/have guessed was not pretty. He was mobbed.

The promo managers are threatening R. Kelly with a leakage of the video unless he pays back the huge sums of money spent for his performance which never took place. The fact that R. Kelly got the hiding of a lifetime speaks volumes about his credibility as an artist.

No self-respecting artist would allow his ego to undergo such a shameless degradation. However, the version of the story told by the police is different from what the club owners say happened.   

At around the time that R. Kelly was to perform, the law enforcement authorities got a call as to a fight at the club. They arrived and tried to gain entry via the back but it was locked.

Then they tried from the front entrance and when they managed to worm their way through they learnt that the people who had become rowdy and noisy had already left via the back door.

Since neither R. Kelly nor the management wanted to press charges against each other, the police felt helpless as regarding what to do. According to the owner of the night club, R. Kelly simply flat out refused to perform and this was despite the fact that all his demands for the provision of hotel suites and several bottles of liquor got fulfilled.

When the owner’s body guard and one of R. Kelly’s bodyguards got into rough and tumble affairs, things took on a florid turn. The club owner says that he was swindled and hoodwinked by R. Kelly and that was just because his night club was a small time joint of sorts.

The famous singer thought he could get away without fulfilling his contract. He also said that it was within his means to press charges and reduce R. Kelly to a financial wreck after what he had done, but such an action would lead to bad publicity for his club and people would stop coming to be entertained there.  


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