Rand Paul decides to Run for 2016 Presidential Race

Rand Paul decides to Run for 2016 Presidential Race

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The eye doctor has chosen an alternative. Rand Paul has decided to run for the 2016 presidential race.

Rand Paul is a senator who hails from Kentucky, the home state of KFC and Colonel Sanders. He declared recently that he would be joining the race for the presidency a year from now. Running from the Republican Party perspective, he is bringing with him a cocktail of ideas and principles.

They range from the extremely liberal to the ultra-conservative. And they will appeal to a wide range of people including ethnic minorities and the energetic youth. He has yet to officially announce his declaration of intent and will do so at a rally in Louisville.

Well into his middle years, he is one among many candidates from the GOP who are taking the final plunge. It is indeed now or never. Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are among the hopefuls. The Tea Party supporters are in on the deal and it is a miracle of sorts that the majority of the aspirants are diehard fans of this clique or clan or whatever you /4/call it.  

As far as Rand Paul is concerned he is one of those rare individuals who remains true to himself. It is not a matter of kowtowing to the fundamentalists in the ranks or letting the libertarians hold full sway. What counts is getting your point across in a relevant manner that appeals to the masses be they rednecks or sophisticates.

Rand Paul meanwhile is doing the best he can. He is making the rounds and shaking the “glad-hand” handshakes with everyone from middle class professionals to the uber-rich aristocrats not to mention the workers who toil in the fields of mechanized farms and factories.

Dr. Rand Paul has ambitions but those aspirations and hopes are for the betterment of his country which he loves. From humble beginnings as an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) Rand Paul has progressed to take on the governmental machinery as his field of endeavor.

He is brave, honest and resolute. He would do anything for a friend and believes that a friend in need is not a friend to avoid. Rand Paul is dead serious about his presidential run.

For those who don’t take him at face value, Rand Paul has a message and that is that he a family man with values that is going to build a better future for America. Not bad for someone who can look you in the eye and talk straight. 

Sources: USToday, NBC, Fox


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