Ray Liotta sues skin care company over bogus claims

Ray Liotta sues skin care company over bogus claims

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Ray Liotta isn’t happy about false claims made by the company

Ray Liotta is one of the more successful actors out there. He has been in a bunch of films including some of the most popular gangster movies ever made. Liotta is best known for Goodfellas. He also played a memorable role in Field of Dreams and a number of other films.

Liotta is now in court and he has filed suit against a company for making false claims about their product using his name reports TMZ. The company is called Nerium International and sells a skin care product that is quite expensive called Nerium AD. The company has been using Liotta’s likeness in its advertisements.

Liotta has notable pockmarks on his skin and has since he started making movies. These pockmarks are apparently from acne in his youth. Liotta says that not only did he never give the company permission to use his likeness in advertising, he never used the product.


It’s unclear exactly what Liotta is trying to get out of the company. Presumably, he wants money and his face removed from their advertisements. I would assume that all the people out there who are buying this product thinking it really works need to think about this. If the product worked, they wouldn’t need to lie about who uses it. If you see the add in question, it doesn’t even look much like Ray Liotta.

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