Rebel Wilson Plays Whisper Challenge with Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Rebel Wilson Plays Whisper Challenge with Jimmy Fallon (Video)

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Rebel Wilson dares Jimmy Fallon to eat Koala poop and plays the ‘Whisper Challenge’ on The Tonight Show!

Rebel Wilson apparently had a lot of fun on The Tonight Show when she made an appearance to promote her latest film Pitch Perfect 2. Rebel Wilson made on entrance on The Tonight show on Wednesday in a black dress and then challenged Jimmy to eat what was supposedly Koala poop in her hands. Rebel extended her hand towards Jimmy and dared him to try some right now. 

Fallon seemed be to leaning away from Rebel’s hand and seemed to be distressed as she kept on asking him to try a little bit of it. Fallon had previously tried an Australian delicacy Vegemite on the show and the results had been far from pretty so we could understand his reluctance in accepting Rebel’s offering.

However Fallon manned up and tried a piece of the Koala poop which actually turned out to be a piece of a Twix bar and it seems Rebel was simply joking with Fallon.

Rebel and Fallon then started playing the ‘Whisper Challenge’ where a person has to wear noise blocking headphones and try to understand what the other person is saying and whoever understands the phrase currently by lip reading wins.

Rebel went first and after she had smacked on her headphones Fallon was supposed to speak the words ‘Deflated Balls’, however Rebel did not get them correct. Fallon tried to make Rebel understand by uttering them thrice but all Rebel could come up with was a ‘Feel my Balls’.

Then it was Fallon’s turn and Rebel seemed pretty happy he couldn’t hear anything as she wondered aloud he looks nice; however Fallon also failed to decipher what Rebel was saying and lost. Finally rebel was able to win the ‘Whisper Challenge’ when she understood ‘Wiz Khalifa’ on the first try, who could have thought. 

Watch below the video of Jimmy Fallon and Rebel Wilson playing Whisper Challenge.

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