Rebel Wilson stood up against Slim Models at MTV Movie Awards

Rebel Wilson stood up against Slim Models at MTV Movie Awards

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People will always remember Rebel Wilson for what she did at the MTV Movie awards when she stood up against the beauty norms. She takes wing at the show as an alternative to Victoria’s Secret model.

So it seemed like that Rebel Wilson got the sweet angel wings from Victoria’s Secret. Last night Rebel Wilson walked out on the stage and she wanted to show the world that everyone can be beautiful. The audience saw her wearing skin tight leather leggings with a bedazzled bra.

Rebel Wilson wanted to send a body positive message for women everywhere. She was talking to the People and she said that one of the good messages that she wanted to get across was that everyone is beautiful.

She said that sometimes girls look at Victoria’s Secret models and they start to think that they need to look like these models. She also said that it’s not good to look at these models and make yourself feel bad.

Rebel Wilson also said that even though these are models people should not be idolizing them because most of them are bad people. She said that they are not the best people to model yourself after.

On the back of her pants everyone could see the word “Think”. Rebel was paying homage to Victoria’s Secrets’ infamous Pink sweatpants. Rebel Wilson said that she would love to encourage girls to “think” and that is the only reason why she got that on her butt.

She said that it was all about what was there in the head. What she meant was that women should try to become the best sort of person rather than trying to become a model. Rebel also said some things about her ensemble.

The bedazzled bra that she was wearing was made by Spanky in Dubai. Spanky also made Madonna’s corset and some Lady Gaga outfits. She also said that she was wearing generic leather pants that only cost her $49.95.

And finally Rebel Wilson told us about her wings. She said that they weren’t easy to put on and that they also weighed about 20 pounds. She said that her cardio of the day was done when she wore the wings and climbed three flights of stairs.


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