Retrica App Review


Retrica is among the most amazing camera applications that have ever been developed. It easily enables application of artistries to your pictures that make them look more stylish and enhances their brilliance. If you are a photography enthusiast, this will definitely broaden your smile.


  • It requires an android platform of either version 2.2 or later.
  • It occupies a space of 15MB which tends to increase with the amount of photos taken and the edits made
  • Its current version was upgraded last month ago (July 2014) with a few bug fixes and a filter strength adjustment of up to 0%
  • It can be acquired from all available app stores online without any purchasing fees whatsoever. However, you need to purchase the pro version to get the full 80 filters as the regular has 25 less that come upon up-gradation to pro version.

In Use

Retrica is a remarkable app with which you can play around with the camera of your gadget. You can come up with a very exceptional set of photos using the numerous custom effects that come with the application like blur, vignette, and even incorporate some framework borders in the photos you take.

You can make all your wonderful moments memorable by taking advantage of all its accessories which will further magnify the greatness of the moment especially with the wide range of filters. Using the trendy out of focus upshot, you can blur the background of a portrait to induce more attention of the camera to you.

Using the Retrica Photo Booth’s selection of layouts, you can come up with an artistic collage by incorporating an assortment of photos of your choosing together. Retrica watermarks can be an additional tinge to your magnificent photos, but they can be turned off if need be.



  • It has an extensive variety of filters
  • There is also a fine selection of collage layouts
  • Very impressive selfies (self-portrait photographs) can be taken with this app
  • The regular application does not require any purchase fees unless you choose the pro version.


  • Sometimes it might end up lagging making it very slow for response for desired purpose
  • There is no LED flash option for taking of pictures in areas with very limited amount of light


This is an overly unique application that synchronizes with the camera to take your photos to the next level, from just ordinary photos to alluring works of art. This is a great app if you are fascinated with adding some zest to your photos, specifically your exclusive selfies!

Download links: Apple iTunes, Google Play



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