Richard Gere Breaks up with Padma Lakshmi

Richard Gere and Padma Lakshmi Break Up

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Richard and Padma finally call it quits on their relationship.

A recent report from Page Six claimed that Richard and Padma are finally over. After the couple spent six months together and it looked like they were both in love with each other, they have broken up. 

Richard Gere who is a host at the show Top Chef, was asked in a TV interview about his love life and he said that he was single. The couple still meet each other and they have decided that it is better off if they were just friends. 

Both of them have been busy with their life. Richard Gere was busy this summer as he was working in a film  Time Out Of Mind and he plays a homeless man in that movie. The movie has been shot in New York. 

The movie was released in the past week and it was screened in the Hamptons International Film Festival. Out of all of the projects Richard Gere has done, he was proud of this movie. 

He was speaking to the Film Society of Lincoln Center and he said that he was really happy with the film. He also jokingly told the reporter that as he was going through a divorce, the emotions were right on the surface and that really helped him out in the filming. 

It looks like Richard Gere is looking forward to working in movies as he has recently said that he would be working with the award winning director Joseph Cedar. 

The Israeli director is going to be making a movie called “Oppenheimer”. Lakshmi has also been busy and she completed the first season of Top Chef and has been travelling a lot. 

Richard Gere and Padma Lakshmi started dating in April and then they had a break up. Before Lakshmi, Richard dated Lowell and she was his wife for 11 years. 

There have been rumors that Richard and Lowell are quietly spending time together and they tried to remain low key. Some sources say that they have spotted Richard with Lowell in public. 

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