Richard Gere, Carey Lowell are currently engaged in Divorce Proceedings

Richard Gere is currently engaged in Divorce Proceedings with Carey Lowell

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  • The American Gigolo actor acted strangely upon arriving at the courthouse.
  • Richard Gere was given short shrift by his ex-wife, Carey Lowell.
  • Divorce comes 12 years after their marriage.

The actor, Richard Gere is currently busily engaged in divorce proceedings with his wife Carey Lowell.

Richard Gere is a well-known name in Hollywood. He has appeared in such famous films as “Pretty Woman” and “Runaway Bride” both of which had the versatile and vivacious actress Julia Roberts in them. He entered a court recently to clear matters up with his wife, or rather his ex-wife, Carey Lowell

Carey is the famous girl with a role in the James Bond Series titled “A License to Kill”. While Richard Gere professes to be a Buddhist and even has contacts with the Dalai Lama, he doesn’t look too keen as far as the praxis part of the deal is concerned. He still has a lot to learn regarding the noble Eightfold Path. 

He came in a flurry of activity to the courthouse. Apparently, Mr. Gere was not minding his manners since he started off by sharply poking a paparazzi present on the scene with his umbrella. He had a meditation rosary slung from his wrist and an orange knapsack and was positively acting like a public nuisance.  

Despite his 40 odd years spent as a follower of Tibetan Buddhism, he didn’t seem to convince the onlookers regarding his benign nature. He was rough, rude and arrogant. Gere ruminated darkly at the back of the courtroom while his ex-wife said hello to his lawyer while not even acknowledging that Gere existed in the first place. 

The two then met for a serious discussion along with the judge in his room. They have been together for a dozen years but now it seems Carey has had enough and wants her freedom. The thing is that Gere is an introvert while Carey is an extrovert. That is the basic issue between them. 

Whereas he wants some peace and quiet, she prefers the noise and hubbub of parties and social events. They have a 14 year old son whose fate remains undecided. And Gere’s ample financial assets (they add up to a hefty $100 million) are something that Carey has her eyes on. Meanwhile, Gere is currently dating cooking queen, Padma Lakshmi, who was previously going out with the controversial author Salman Rushdie.   

Source: Pagesix , NYDailyNews

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