Rihanna is Angry over Drake’s Crush on Nicki Minaj

Rihanna is Angry over Drake’s Crush on Nicki Minaj

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The superfamous pop star, Rihanna is pretty angry over Drake’s crush which he has on Nicki Minaj.

Rihanna and Drake started seeing each other towards the beginning of 2014. So, it was pretty understandable that she was mad as hell at him for suddenly leaving her high and dry and going going gaga over Nicki Minaj. Rihanna seems to have the hard luck of being a person whom men love and leave fast. 

Her consecutive torrid affairs with Chris Brown and Drake has reportedly left the diminutive star exhausted and not likely to flirt with any more males of the species for a long time to come. While Rihanna has the capacity to take on the media machine any day of the year, she looks to be running low on love fuel. 

She does not want to get involved in any old bizarre love triangle anymore with a man who has a mistress on the side that she comes to know about after awhile. According to Holywoodlife.com, Rihanna has said so long and goodbye to Drake, her last boyfriend. She is sick and tired of that infidelity-loving creature called man.

No more flings or one night stands will do for Rihanna. And though she is 26 years old, she wants breathing room for now. Rather than facing the messy reality of men being conniving cheats and pathological liars in her life, she prefers to lie in bed and vegetate with a vibrator. 

The heartbreak has turned out to be a little too much for Rihanna and she has thrown in the towel. The fact that Drake is currently cozying up to that black bombshell Nicki, means nothing to Rihanna anymore. She is so over him. Both Chris and Drake can go to hell as far as she is concerned. 

They were both bad boys and we all know that girls cannot help going crazy over bad boys. They now are the private or public property of other women and she doesn’t give two hoots for who they are knocking shoes with at the present moment. In fact, Drake has moved on from Nicki as his conquest to a next target and that would be none other than a female rapper named Babeo Baggins. 

According to Urbanislandz.com, while Drake was partially still hung over Rihanna, he was sober enough to know that it was over between them for all purposes. Drake finally saw through Rihanna and decided that she was not the one for him. 

Drake was seen all smiles while out on a date with Babeo recently. And he also celebrated his birthday about seven days ago. Drake is now officially 28 years old. He had a tiff with Tyga who took a jibe or two at him in one of his latest songs. Drake has yet to respond in kind to Tyga.

Meanwhile, at an event which took place in recent times, Rihanna appeared in all her sizzling sultry sexiness. She wore a cleavage-baring dress that was stunning and wowed the crowds to no end. Her lengthy eyelashes showed a peek at her green eyes that shone like that of a black cat. And the matte orange lipstick made her smoocher even more kissable.

According to Hollywoodlife.com the starlet appeared at the peak of her youthfulness and was simply peerless in her fashion statement that she exhuded. At the selfsame event Miley Cyrus too appeared in some extra cleavage that was showing from beneath the black leather strips she wore in the name of a dress. This was to be expected from Cyrus who was a wild child to begin with.

But when Rihanna joined her in the decolletage department there was virtual pandemonium at the party. According to Us Weekly, the fashion police was definitely on patrol that night since some rules got broken. The event was hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow and it was in recognition of Tom Ford who was known for his controversial work in style and fashion.

Cyrus attended the event without a bra and so startled the ultra-fastidious. She was bold, fearless and beautiful. And Rihanna simply made the earth shatter with what appeared to be her two very delectable lady bits pendulously hanging out with only the slightest camouflage to lend a semblance of civilization to the outfit.  

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