Ringo Starr will appear in a Sketchers Advertisement in 2015

Ringo Starr to Work in Sketchers Advertisements of 2015

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Sketchers announced a partnership with Ringo Starr for different advertisements of the shoe brand.

Ringo Starr, who is the former drummer of the band known as the Beatles will be seen in a marketing campaign of the shoe brand Sketchers in the year 2015. The company recently announced its contract with Starr for their range called “Relaxed Fit”. This range will be launched in early 2015 and Ringo will be starring in its advertisements. 

As a part of the campaign, Starr will be seen in a comedy television show for promoting this brand. Michael Greenberg who is President of Sketchers said that his company was very proud to be working with Ringo Starr. He also said that Ringo Starr is a big star and his popularity will surely enhance the marketing of this brand. He also said that Ringo had all the elements needed to become a brand ambassador. He said that his fame, his charm and elegance will be the right choice for this campaign. As he is very famous in United States so he will be an excellent choice for this kind of marketing. 

Recently Ringo Starr appeared in many fashion events wearing graceful clothes. This shows that he is an excellent choice for this project as he looks like a fashion icon as well. His designer wear shows that he is not only a music icon but also a fashion icon. As he wears designer shoes so he will be able to carry these branded shoes with all the charm required. 

Ringo Starr is a 74-year-old celeb and carries himself as a great stylist by wearing anything he wants. His style makes everything look graceful and enchanting. He has the ability to pair up his own charm with anything he wears so making him a brand ambassador is a wise choice by Sketchers. 

This is not the first time Ringo Starr will be appearing in an advertisement for a brand. He has done modeling for John Varvatos in the year 2014. He carried that campaign with all the charisma that he could put in front of the camera. That campaign was a huge hit so it is expected that his new modeling venture will be a hit as well.   

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