Robert Durst arrested for saying He ‘Killed Them All’ in HBO’s The Jinx

HBO’s The Jinx follows the Life and Times of Robert Durst, a Suspected Killer

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  • HBO’s The Jinx follows the Life and Times of Robert Durst, a Suspected Killer

HBO’s The Jinx is a reel life drama in six parts that follows the life and times of Robert Durst, a suspected killer, who had managed to elude the law so far.

30 years ago, Robert Durst’s spouse vanished without a trace. Durst being the strange and alienated scion of a property dynasty has since been under constant observation by the law. He has also been in and out of jail. At the turn of the millennium, one of his best female friends was also found dead in her room. His neighbor too wound up a murder victim.

All these killings were pinned on Durst but never proved in a definite way. Thus he went scot-free for better or for worse. But now in a recent twist to the situation, he /4/have been literally caught red handed. A

t least that is what the HBO series titled The Jinx has to portray about Robert Durst. In the drama series based on his life, and in which he himself acts, Robert Durst himself confesses in a solitary moment that he had killed all of his victims. He took a private breather in the bathroom and his microphone was on.

It was then that he sighed and said to himself that he had actually done what he was suspected of doing. Ever since his wife went missing, Mr. Durst has been behind bars a number of times, severed relations with his extended family, tied the knot again and brought a lawsuit against his brother to the amount of $65 million. He was arrested recently when he was going through an elevator muttering something private to himself like a classic schizophrenic.

Besides, The Jinx had already made him a household word and also brought the suspicions of the authorities back into laser-like focus against Durst. It was a sure thing that with the airing of The Jinx, Durst would try to run away from the provenance to which he belonged. And such rumors proved to be real in their nature. 

He chose hotel rooms under an alias. And he also was on the run from the law in various cars that he had hired from agencies. However, he will say that he is not guilty of any of the crimes that have been put as labels on him. And the criminal proceedings will get tested in the court of law as well.

As the relatives of his wife saw the reel life copying real life on the documentary series The Jinx, they said that it seems that finally justice will be done. When the law pursued him early on in reference to his wife’s disappearance, Mr. Durst had dressed up and pretended to be a mute woman.

This was fraud on a major scale and also pointed towards his weirdness and eccentricity. The documentary makers actually helped in catching Durst in those moments when his behavior offered clues to the fact that he was a murderer.

The audio tape of him entering a rest room and muttering to himself that he was the murderer is as damning an evidence of his crimes as there ever was. Durst was the heir to an immense family fortune but after his marriage, his brother took over the business.

Now that he has been arrested for killing three people including his wife, it is a case of justice being blind yet being able to see in the dark. Durst /4/in the final analysis be guilty as charged. It is when no one is looking that we often blurt out the truth. And Durst seems to have dons exactly that when unbeknownst to him the microphone he had on his person happened to be in a turned-on state. 

Sources: HBO , The Jinx, NYTimes


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