Robin Wright And Ben Foster Call Quits on their 10 Month Engagement

Robin Wright And Ben Foster Call Quits on their 10 Month Engagement

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Robin Wright 48 and Ben Foster 34 have called off their engagement and a lot of people are saddened by the news.

Robin Wright who is seen on the popular show “House Of Cards”, plays Claire Underwood and is wife to Frank Underwood who is the president of the United States in the show. The actress has called of the engagement with Ben Foster and it was first reported by Us Weekly.

One of her close friends said that she got swept away in her engagement last Christmas. She said that once Robin went back on the show and got back to her crazy schedule, she realized that she had made a big mistake and that she had to break her engagement off with Ben Foster.

There were reports that the couple weren’t speaking during the summers as Robin went to LA to spend some time with Dylan and Hooper who are her ex-husband’s children. Foster also managed to keep himself busy with a production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

Some of Robin’s friend told the magazine that the difference of age between the couple was too much. They thought that it was for the best that Robin had broken off the engagement with Ben Foster. Some reports say that Robin Wright was annoyed with Ben Foster as he was really immature sometimes.

The couple announced that they were married this past January. If Robin had decided to get married to Ben, then this would had been her third marriage. Robin had been previously married to Penn and Dane Witherspoon.

So at the end it looks like age was the deciding factor and in fact age does matter. The couple first started dating back in early 2012 and then got engaged two years after.

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