Rokerthon Ends: Al Roker breaks the Guinness World Record of Longest Weather Report

Rokerthon Ends: Al Roker breaks the Guinness World Record of Longest Weather Report

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  • Al Roker bags a World Record with the Help of “Rokerthon”

Al Roker successfully created the new world record for longest Weather report.

 Al Roker recently made an attempt to break the record of the longest weather report. He was supposed to break the record of El Kari who did a weather report of 33-hours. Al Roker bagged this record by attempting to do the longest weather report of 34-hours.

He started this weather report on Wednesday at 10 p.m. and finished it today at 8 a.m. NBC broadcasted this live weather report for three days on its official website. The clips from this report were also played live from time to time on the NBC Channel.  Al Roker called this whole transmission as “Rokerthon”

Al Roker was allowed to make the record by live updating the viewers for exact 34-hours. He was allowed to talk about weather and nothing else. He was further allowed to talk about previous weather reports and the predictions about weather.

He was given a break of five minutes after every hour. However he was allowed to accumulate the minutes to spend a break of 20 minutes after consecutive four hour transmission. He used this 20 minutes break in his Rokerthon as well. 

Al Roker asked many people to come together in order to serve for a cause for US armed forces and USO. He collected charity for these causes that will be sent to the respective centers afterwards. He also updated his tweets while working online.

He urged his fans to come forward and update him about their own local weather. Hundreds of people cheered him on his attempt and wished him all the luck for completion. It looks like the best wishes have come true as he has finally made this record. Statuses and different tweets were showered on his twitter account when he was about to make his record. He kept on getting different messages that encouraged him for his attempt.

Two Guinness world record officials were supposed to be present all the time with Al Roker. These officials monitored his activities throughout this attempt. He looked pretty tired towards the end of his attempt. He hadn’t shaved and was seen drinking coffee to ward off sleep as well.

He hasn’t slept in the past 34 hours so he was bound to look tired. However Al Roker did the job in a great manner. He conducted Rokerthon in a flawless manner. His determination kept him going and he made a world record at the end. 

His live stream was seen by thousands of people all around the world. Due to its record breaking attempt it was one of the most trending shows in the United States in the few last hours. Al Roker has done a pretty amazing job in breaking this record. As a senior weather analyst at NBC, he was always hailed for his work. However by making this new record he has certainly done a huge work to earn further repute for himself.

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