Rosie O’Donnell ex-wife Michelle rounds Custody Battle

Rosie O’Donnell ex-wife Michelle wants to win Custody Battle in Any Way

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Rosie O’Donnell and her ex-wife , Michelle Rounds are currently at odds with each other. Michelle has several complaints against her former lesbian partner from whom she wants custody of their child.

Michelle Rounds is pretty annoyed with Rosie O’Donnell. She says the fat lady has taken to the bottle, smokes like a chimney and has a louche and devil-may-care manner when it comes to childrearing.

Of course, if you were to ask Rosie, she says that Michelle is just getting slightly paranoid. Michelle is currently talking to her lawyers about a divorce and gaining possession of their two year old daughter.

According to Michelle, her oversized partner downs a bottle every night before going to sleep, smokes intoxicating drugs on a regular basis and eats like a pig.

And while Michelle admits that they have child care professionals in the house, she says that children need parental attention too and Rosie was way too non-serious about her progeny.

Furthermore, Rosie allows their teenage son to drink tons of alcohol at wild parties which is totally unacceptable. 

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Some say Michelle is doing all this in order to get some money out of Rosie’s bank account via litigation. But Michelle has said that she doesn’t need the money. In fact, she spoke of how she was a millionaire in her premarital days so as far as she is concerned, Rosie can keep her money. She is welcome to it.

Once she gets custody of their daughter, she will walk away without taking a single cent from Rosie. But the people on Rosie’s side say that Michelle is lying. They claim her love was fake and it is a tragic fact that she didn’t turn out to be as loving a partner as she claimed in those heady days when she took the bold step of marrying Rosie.

The divorce that is taking place between Rosie and Michelle is one in which the latter wants to bleed the former dry of all funds and loved ones. The insistence of having sole custody of their daughter is a card that Michelle is playing quite well.

excuse me – do i get a vote?

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She said that while she likes to use a little bit of discipline in childrearing, Rosie just lets her daughter do whatever she wants. Michelle claims that she will take better care of the kid.

Rosie meanwhile is in a tough spot since she is suffering from high levels of stress. She had a heart attack three years ago. She doesn’t want another one since this time around it could prove fatal. Rosie and Michelle were fighting each other like two squirrels over a nut while married and with the divorce taking place things /4/finally get resolved between the two.   

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