Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gets a low repairability score from iFixit

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gets a low repairability score from iFixit

Photo Credits: iFixit

The components of the phone are easier to replace but almost impossible to repair

Those fond of having things the DIY way will not be so pleased to learn that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is not particularly friendly towards the users who would want to fix any problems all on their own. The latest flagship device from Samsung has already been stripped down to the core by iFixit which is known for selling repair parts and offering online repair guides.

iFixit is known for tearing down phones and opening them up to reveal all components. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge variant has surprisingly scored a very low 3 out of 10 for the repairability variable. It appears almost necessary to compare the Samsung phones with Apple ones at all times and in this regard, the iPhone 6 Plus is much friendlier towards repairing and has scored a 7 out of 10.

The Galaxy S6 Edge however has been appreciated for its ‘modular’ components which can easily be replaced but the phone has been criticized a lot for not being easier to open and getting inside.

Those who tore down the phone have also claimed that the battery is very snugly attached to the inside components of the smartphone which makes it difficult to get to the battery. Those who are planning to get their hands on the S6 Edge should be careful not to harm their displays because iFixit says any efforts to replace the cracked glass of the display is going to result in a completely useless display.


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