Samsung Galaxy S6 is Here for T-Mobile Users

Samsung Galaxy S6 is Here for T-Mobile Users


T-Mobile wows the crowd of technology lovers with its Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser.

Leaks of info about the Galaxy S6 have come out. Although up until now no one really knew what the S6 looked like now that is no longer so. The T-Mobile teaser has let everyone know about the Galaxy S6. It is pretty much like any Samsung phone. But the design is very awesome.

The curved screen is such that it appeals to the eyes. It isn’t as extremely curved as the Galaxy Note Edge. The S6 has both its edges looking the same. As for the catch line going along with the S6, it is Six Appeal which is actually a play upon words and seeks its inspiration from Sex Appeal. And the design is indeed voluptuous.

There are still seven days left in the launch of this smart phone. While it is 20% faster than the S5, the battery capacity is lower than the previous model. The Galaxy S6 is a technologically complex and user-friendly smart phone alright. From the exterior the S6 looks like the Galaxy Note Edge. And the black grey back side has a grace to it which is not to be found elsewhere. 

The sleek, smooth and silky exterior lends itself to enhancing the mysterious aura of the S6. It is a smart phone meant for the sophisticated and suave businessmen sort who like to conduct important conversations on their handy devices. The businessman with his power lunch and urgent meetings will find a helping hand in the form of the Galaxy S6.

In fact, his sixth sense will be whats this mobile appeals to. The slim design is such that it allows the phone to easily fit into the palm of somebody’s hand. Each specification of the phone will be revealed later on but Samsung is posting teaser video to reveal some specs of Galaxy S6 that will fit the bill.

The smart phone exudes a polished look that is at one and the same time very posh and demonstrates technological poise. It is a gadget that money can buy and that can fulfill the basic needs of individuals who want all their day’s chores and activities handled by a simple gizmo that they can carry in their pocket. Soon when it comes out on March 1st at MWC, there will be revelry and a cheerful fanfare among the aficionados of this smart phone. Their wishes will have come true. 


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