Samsung Introduces Slimmest Smartphones A3 And A5

Samsung introduces Slimmest Smartphones A3 and A5

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Samsung now introduces Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 smartphones. These smartphones with metal unibody design are the slimmest Samsung smartphones in the world.

Samsung introduces new amazing Smartphones Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5. They are the slimmest Smartphones to date and they feature a superior mental unibody design. These Smartphones have the most advance functions in order to support social networking for younger consumers. 

Both ultra slim Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 are fully optimized for social networking. These phones will allow the younger generation to express themselves in a better way and in great style. With Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 youngsters can remain online 24/7. 

Samsung Electronics unveiled that both the phones Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 not only offer a trendy and refined design, but also have the ability to support all kinds of social networking. They are available in various colors and size, thus allowing consumers to choose what suits them best. The devices permit the younger consumer to easily and quickly capture all the significant moments. They also allow them to share these moments over social media with ease. 

The CEO and the Head of IT & Mobile communication at Samsung Electronics, JK Shin said that both their phones Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 offer full metal unibody. These phones have superior hardware incorporated in them and they are the slimmest Samsung phones available around the globe.

He also said that the youngsters will enjoy these phones as they will permit them to remain connected 24/7. In addition to this, he said that these phones are the best choice for their trend conscious consumers and they make their advance Galaxy experience even more reachable to the young generation. 

The dimensions of Galaxy A5 and A3 are 6.7mm and 6.9mm, thus making them the slimmest Samsung Smartphones. Both the devices are available in various colors such as Midnight Black, Pearl White, Light blue, Soft Pink and Champagne Gold. This will help the consumer choose a phone that is in accord with his personal style. 

A 5 MP rear camera is common knowledge, but a 5 MP front camera is the new thing. Both Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A5 offer 5MP front camera for unmatched selfies. The innovative photo taking features such as Palm Selfie, Wide Selfie, Animated GIF, Rear-cam Selfie and Beauty face feature allows consumer to selfies in high resolution.

These apps automatically focus and detect a person’s face. Not only this, users are also permitted to share their photos over the social media with the phones fast network speed functionality. 

These smartphones also offer powerful processor along with vivid display. Both the devices have a super AMOLED display along with the Adaptive Display technology in order to deliver clearer and richer images. 

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