Samsung Introduces The Gear S, A Smartwatch That Can Make Calls

Samsung introduces the Gear S, a smartwatch that can make calls


The main selling point of the Gear S is its 3G connectivity, making it capable of doing calls.

As if to pre-empt Apple’s main event next month where the company is expected to reveal its first ever wearable, Samsung announced today its fifth smartwatch, without the fanfare. Samsung’s latest wearable is called the Gear S, its best to date.

The main selling point of the Gear S is its 3G connectivity, making it capable of doing calls. Samsung said that it wanted to extend the capabilities of the smartphone to the wrist. Given the case, Samsung successfully nailed that with the Gear S.

Another interesting feature is its design. The Gear S now sports a larger curved Super AMOLED display at 2-inches, supposedly providing better view. Samsung claims that the Gear S will fit comfortably on your wrist, thanks to its curved design. For the fashion-conscious, the Gear S also supports changeable straps which come in different colors.

The Gear S also supports Wi-Fi (another plus), Bluetooth, and Nokia’s HERE maps. There’s even an app from the Financial Times, if you’re into business news. Of course, the Gear S will work in par with Samsung’s S Health. Third-party apps like the Nike+ Running are also compatible.

Specs-wise, the Gear S is powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB of internal storage, and 300mAh Li-ion battery. Unfortunately, the Gear S isn’t running Android Wear. Instead, the device is operated by Samsung’s Tizen OS. That could be a turn-off, but given the Gear S’s IP67-certified dust and water-resistant features, it’s all good. Samsung will begin selling the Gear S sometime in October this.

Source: Samsung

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