Samsung’s newest ads for the Galaxy Note 4 are all about the camera and S Pen

Samsung’s newest ads for the Galaxy Note 4 are all about the camera and S Pen


The company has released two new ads for the device, one focusing on its camera and the other on the S Pen stylus

Samsung’s latest flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, is still amid a promotional campaign and two ads have been released for the device. One of these ads focuses on the camera of the phablet and the other one looks into the S Pen stylus that comes bundled with the Note 4. The advertisement clearly depicts this S Pen as a magic wand and the other and talking about the camera is all about the giant front shooter which can possibly facilitate everyone into a selfie. It says that the front facing camera is “so wide, you can selfie with, like, everyone“.

The first commercial goes into the detail of the features of the S Pen which includes turning handwriting into text, letting you doodle as much as you want, and crop and save images regardless of where you find them. Up next is the camera setup of the phablet where the ‘selfie craze’ has been promoted. The camera is apparently so wide that it lets you take a selfie with more people than ever before. The camera also comes equipped with optical image stabilization which lets you take pictures even in “the bounciest” of places. One more thing we are surprise about is the digital zoom which is also being given importance in the commercial.

Since the promotional campaign for the Galaxy Note 4 hasn’t come to a stop, we are expecting to see some other commercials too. The marketing budget for the company keeps on swelling and the company is quite positive that whatever it is putting into it will eventually be converted into sales.

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