Scandal: It’s The Case Of Crazy And A Little Hazy Beaus Around Olivia Pope

Scandal: It’s the case of crazy and a little hazy Beaus around Olivia Pope

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Her former beau in a killing frenzy, her former former beau playing referee between sisters and her new beau shows up at her door with her father, it’s scandal all around Olivia Pope.

In the brand new installment of #TGIT Scandal, the episode was titled ‘Honor Thy Father’ and the message has implications for everyone. For as long as the case goes, Olivia is asked by Congressman Nick Reed to help get his father acquitted from death row. George Reed had been on death row for 15 years for the murder of the Math teacher who had an affair with his daughter.

According to Nick, he is innocent and the fact is only confirmed by Olivia once she talks to him. Huck and Quinn go to the deceased teacher’s recently passed away wife and find a gun matching with the murder weapon. The gun is preserved very carefully and after the procedural investigative procedures, Olivia confronts Nick about committing the murder.

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He confesses that he was the murderer and his father had took the blame for his son and told him he would kill himself if Nick told anyone. In a final step, Nick confesses his crime in a press conference.

That might be the case they could solve but Jake going into a killing rage or according to Huck ‘survival mode’ was scary. Huck and Quinn suspected that Jake had been sent to finish them off before they found out who the B613 leader was. That was after David had offered him to become a witness to testify against B613.

So Charlie and his old gunman pals coup up in a safe house to wait Jake out but Charlie heads out for supplies and returns to find them all and their witness dead. The trio decides that Jake has flown the extra mile. They trace him through his cellphone and find him lurking outside Liv’s apartment. Quinn reasons with the other two that killing him there would only implicate Olivia who didn’t deserve any of it. And they pull away. 

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What they don’t actually know is that Jake wasn’t the killer. He had actually found out that David had called Huck about confessing himself. As David heads out with his assistant Holly, who is actually the real B613 undercover killer, is the one Jake came to kill not Rosen. As it turns out that Jake was working with Olivia and is not a psycho killer on a killing spree.

And that’s not the end of B613. The person Holly was taking orders from is Rowan Pope. Olivia’s own dear beloved father is the real evil behind everything and he arrives at Olivia’s house with Franklin Russell. The new hottie Olivia has his eye on. Russell is already presenting a challenge with what secrets he might be hiding. We are asking because he showed up with Rowan Pope. 

In case one is wondering what happened in the White House. Fitz is playing the referee between Mellie and her sister Harmony. The sisters get in a drunk fight and Cyrus predicts that it would drive Fitz into Olivia’s arms but the big man stands besides his wife, surprisingly. Is Fitz still devoted to his wife? All the questions that have been raised now can only be answered in the next episode of Scandal. 

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