Scorpion stings Woman on Alaska Airlines Flight

Scorpion stings Woman on Alaska Airlines Flight

Alaska Airlines

An Alaska Airlines Flight had to return to the airport on the weekend because a woman got stung by a scorpion.This incident is likely a first in the history of air travel.

A female passenger was stung by a scorpion on an Alaska Airlines flight on Saturday at LAX airport. The whole incident got live tweeted by a journalist for the Oregonian who was on the plane along with the Oregon State Basketball team. 

Tyson Alger tweeted that the plane had to push back to the gates because a woman was stung by scorpion. 

Tyson continued that the scorpion was sitting on passenger’s shoulder. He flicked the scorpion off and it landed on the woman who got stung. Not everyone can be as cool as Daniel Craig in Skyfall. 

According to an ABC News report, the woman killed the scorpion by stomping at it. She was checked out be medics, but turned out well enough to take another flight. it is not clear where the scorpion came from, but the plane was before in Los Cabos, Mexico.

World News Videos , ABC World News

Usually technical difficulties or passenger behavior are the reasons for planes to turn back to the gate. A scorpion is definitely something new. The story is a reminder to be always aware as anything can happen.

I see already a Hollywood producer reading this story and being tempted to call Samuel Jackson now and propose a new movie titled Scorpions on a Plane.


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