Sean Connery Is All For Scottish Autonomy

Sean Connery is All for Scottish Autonomy

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Sean Connery, the sex symbol and face of James Bond, said recently that he is all for Scottish autonomy. He said that there is no more creative act than forming a country.

With 18th September approaching fast, hopes are being reignited once again but there are fears as well. Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom is a step that has been avoided by some banking institutions. But, British Airways is in favor of the momentous decision. 

“Having been on this journey to independence for more than 50 years, it seems to me that the arguments have been kicked about like a bladder on a beach. But as the 18 September approaches and, one by one, the scare stories are burst, a new sense of opportunity and hope for the future is now in sight. Scotland has an opportunity to make a step change,” stated Sean Connery in his article.

Another famous institution of sorts is positively enthused about the succession. And that is none other than that classical image of that spy of spies, James Bond. Sean Connery, who is currently in his 80s, appeared in seven Bond films. He was also an Oscar winner for his supporting role in the movie The Untouchables. 

Sean has a lot of personality and despite his age he has been voted twice as the sexiest man alive on planet earth. The brusque offhand style he portrays on screen (as well as in real life) made him a crowd favorite and his every word is a source of inspiration to many. 

Sean Connery has said openly that Scotland ought to separate from the UK as a sign of it having its own culture and history. He spoke of how the most creative act was the independence of a new nation. And he furthermore claimed that culture was the key component that mattered for worldwide recognition. 

It was not the economy, the government or any other institution for that matter that was important. Only the culture and civilization, which included the customs, traditions and artistic endeavors of a people, was of chief significance in the final analysis. And Scotland was especially marked by its own quirky and personalized version of invention, discovery and everything from food to material production. 

Sean Connery has always stated in clear words that he is a Scotsman first and foremost. He has a straightforward and radically honest nature as most of his Scottish fellow men do too. And as 18th September looms on the horizon, the Scotland of yore will conjure up its fiercely independent nature in a bid to separate from the United Kingdom once and for all.

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