Sean Penn on Oscars Joke: “I have Absolutely No Apologies”

Sean Penn on Oscars Joke: "I have Absolutely No Apologies"

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  • Sean Penn refuses to apologize for his xenophobic comment on the Oscars

Sean Penn called the reaction upon his comment at the Oscars “Flagrant stupidity” and refused plain old to apologize to anyone for it.

It happened at the Oscars and people were in an outrage. Sean Penn came out to present the last award of the night and after presenting the nominees, he opened the envelope slid the card out that contained the winner’s name.

He nodded his head and then said in a disgruntled voice “Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?” followed by jubilation from the Birdman’s team that got up on its feet as he then announced that Birdman was the winner of the night. While Iñárritu and the team gave their thanks and he ended the speech by dedicating the award to all the Mexican immigrants and thanking US as an immigrant friendly nation, there was a whirlwind storm among critics and viewers all around the world. 

They protested on the xenophobic comment Penn had given before announcing the winner. Many questioned why the British actors had not been asked about their green cards and Mexican fans took it bitterly. For the past weeks social media has been blazing with comments and reaction against Penn and his xenophobic approach. 

On a recent promotion, Sean finally spoke up about the comment. He refused to apologize to anyone for his comment. He said that a country full of xenophobics only perceived his comments as such because they cannot think beyond that. He called the reaction that his statement had received as “flagrant stupidity” which he refused to satisfy with an undue apology.

Getting down to the nits and grits of it, Sean and Alejandro had worked together on the critically acclaimed “21 Grams” and they had become close friends after that. According to Alejandro, their relationship is brutish in which their friendship has only grown stronger. They have both shared their fair share of insults and it less than bothered him when Sean actually asked about the green card.

According to the friends, it was actually an indication that Sean had privileged Alejandro with prior good news and it showed when the team jumped on it’s feet even before Sean had uttered the word “Birdman”. Both the people involved in what they are calling a joke are comfortable with it. They are upset however that how an inside thing between them had been targeted by everyone else. 

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