See Shortest Lunar Eclipse of the Century on April 4

See Shortest Lunar Eclipse of the Century on April 4

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The quickest lunar eclipse of the past 100 years or so is coming on this Saturady. It will be a treat to view.

An eclipse is an astronomical fact that occurs when the earth, moon and sun are in total alignment. The moon gets overcome by the earth’s shadow. 

A brief four minutes and 43 seconds glimpse of a total  lunar eclipse will be there for the viewers and stargazers to look at on Saturday. The moon will shift its position closer to the earth’s ambit. For the next two hours or so the engulfing will continue apace.

On Saturday, April 4, total eclipse of the full moon will start at 3:16 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time and it will totally cover the moon at 4:58 a.m. Pacific Time, says NASA. Finally, for approximately 4 minutes and 43 seconds, a total lunar eclipse will be there in its glory. This will be the shortest eclipse of the century making it unique in itself. 

Many in South America, India, China and Russia will get to view the eclipse. However, those in Greenland, Iceland, Europe, Africa and the Middle East will probably miss out on seeing it.

The moon /4/become darker in color and even take on a reddish tinge. It has been termed the blood moon and is a similar phenomenon to the blue moon employed in the phrase “once in a blue moon”.  

This special eclipse is a part of a paradox known as a tetrad. It shows that there is a lot of beauty in the external universe which though it might appear indifferent to man’s fate, in fact is totally in synch with his life and biorhythms.

There would have been no life on earth had not the universal condiitons been just perfect and super-finetuned as they are in our solar system. April 4th is the day when this sight will be common and it will indeed be an absolutely marvelous sight to behold. Let’s wait for the telescopic pics to come online for all to eye-blink at in wonderment. 

Get more details about the Shortest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century here.


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