Senzo Meyiwa gunned down at his Residence

Senzo Meyiwa gunned down at his Residence

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The captain of the South African football team, Senzo Meyiwa, was gunned down at his residence recently.

Senzo Meyiwa was killed when fully-armed men broke into his residence. He was fatally wounded at 8 pm on Sunday. Two of the gunmen entered his home while one of them waited outside as a precaution. The local police made the announcement on their Twitter account.

The three criminals, that got away with cold-blooded murder, fled the scene and a large bounty has been placed on their heads. Nearly 153,000 Rands have been offered for their capture or information leading to their whereabouts. There was a total of seven people in the house and the shootout had occurred after a skirmish.

The law enforcement officials have vowed to get to the bottom of the whole incidence. The crime rate in South Africa is pretty high and the percentage of violent incidences are on the rise. What was not clear was what the reason was behind the attack on Meyiwa’s house. 

Members of his football club expressed their sadness and sorrow at his untimely death. His near and dear ones need to bear the loss with patience and stoicism. Meyiwa was the captain of the national football team and he played for the Orlando Pirates.

He was a fit and healthy man who had a lot of personality. His death comes at a time when another national hero met his end too. The runner Mbulaeni Mulaudzi died in a vehicular accident on Friday.

A message was sent to the families of both heroes expressing the utmost dejection at their passing away. The fact that such a man, who was in the very prime of his life, has passed away, leaving the whole nation bereft, is the greatest tragedy.

Nothing can lend compensation to his family for the brutal way in which he was gunned down by the heartless and bad elements of society. All we can say in the end is that /4/his soul rest in peace and that /4/the afterlife prove to be a better place for him than this vale of tears that is the world.

Source: Mirror

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