Six Deaths confirmed in Cyclone Pam which hit Vanuatu

Six Deaths confirmed in Cyclone Pam which hit Vanuatu


At least six deaths have been confirmed so far in the tropical cyclone Pam which hit Vanuatu recently. Many more are expected o have occurred since the high velocity storm hit the Pacific region.

It was one of the most vicious and violent of storms to have hit the coast of Vanuatu. The first few people who have succumbed to the weather conditions and died as a result amount to half a dozen in number.

There were no signs of prominent vegetation on the island nation after the devastating cyclone was through with the landscape. Rescue teams are afraid that there /4/be many more who have tragically lost their lives in the aftermath of the storm.

The current list of deaths comes to us from the capital Port Vila. No signals have been forthcoming on the radio from the surrounding areas and this is cause for concern. Especially in the northern frontier there had been a lot of wholescale destruction.

A category 5 hurricane, cyclone Pam had cut through the South Pacific with fury and ferocity. The winds howled at 155 mph constantly and depredated all signs of plant and animal life on the island nation. 

Even the agents of mercy who had arrived in scads to undo the damage and lend succour to human elements were flabbergasted by the level of sheer chaos and havoc that had been wreaked by the cyclone.

Everything from food to shelter and clothing needed to be provided and water, gas and electricity supplies also needed to be reestablished on a permanent basis. There were those who spent the time hidden cowering for their lives.

People even clung to coconut trees with all their might. The scenario looked as if a nuclear bomb had hit it. The trees were razed to the ground as so many toothpicks. The selfsame hurricane hit the Philippines two years ago and led to the death of 6000 people.

The people of Vanuatu have been pretty much spared such carnage. There has nevertheless been a great deal of damage to infrastructure and residences. Things look topsy turvy. This is one of the worst calamities to have hit the region and authorities are apprehensive since many people /4/have lost their lives.

When the dust settles the loss of lives will be tallied and the friends and family of those who passed away will mourn their sad deaths. Already emergency relief efforts are underway.  But there are worse news that have arrived from Mother Nature.

Yet a new storm by the name of Nathan is brewing on the horizon. And it might hit the loci again thus giving rise to fresh fears of disaster on a hitherto unimagined scale. 

Sources: UNICEF New Zealand , UNICEF Live Blog, CNN


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