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The first Skittles Super Bowl Ad will be quirky.

Here is what we know about the first Skittles Super Bowl Ad. It will be very quirky. On Jan. 22, a teaser for the Skittles Super Bowl 2015 Ad has been released. The teaser for the Skittles Super Bowl commercial shows men and women in a small town with each having one very, very muscular arm. The townspeople take matters in their own hands and something will be settled on Super Bowl Sunday reveals the teaser. 

Skittles got some free attention at the Super Bowl last year through Marshawn Lynch. He had some Skittles during the game and is supposed to be a big Skittles fan. Marshawn Lynch is again in the Super Bowl with the Seahawks. Skittles stays though with their current campaign of quirky ads and is not engaging celebrities. Maybe Marshawn Lynch will have some Skittles again on the sidelines. It brought the Seahawks luck last year.

Skittles is known for very weird commercials. They ran some ads featuring pet clouds that dispense Skittles earlier this year. This week the candy brand released a three-and-a-half minute long fake documentary about a man struck by a rainbow. Skittles describes the documentary as a real, made up documentary extravaganza that dives into the world of a man whose life was transformed forever after experiencing an unknown and unexplained meteorological, multicolored phenomenon.

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The Skittles Super Bowl 2015 ad is the first for the candy brand.

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Skittles first appeared back in 1979. The original flavor combination of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape and Strawberry made up the Skittles rainbow colors. At first Skittles were imported, but from 1982 Skittles candies are manufactured in the U.S. Skittles is part of the Wrigley candy company and Wrigley is owned by Mars.

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The Super Bowl 2015 will take place on February 1, 2015 in Arizona. The Super Bowl XLIX game will be played in the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. NBC is broadcasting the Super Bowl 2015. The Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Show will be performed by Katy Perry. The constantly updated Super Bowl Ads List is tracking all 2015 Super Bowl Ads.

Check out our Super Bowl 2015 Dates, Times and FAQ Guide for everything you need to know about the Super Bowl XLIX. Also find out how to watch the Superbowl online.

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