Skulls of the Shogun Game Review

Skulls of the Shogun Game Review


The Skulls of the Shogun is an awesome game app getting popular very quickly among a wide range of users. It has reportedly been downloaded thousands of times every month if not millions. The strategic theme of the game is the unique selling point of the app. People love this game because they just don’t get entertained by playing but it also helps them to think creatively and out of the box in order to play this fantastic game.


  • The app is compatible with the iOS and Android platforms and can be enjoyed equally well on the iPad. The game was first released for Xbox and later on it got released for iOS, Windows, and Android.
  • Excellent graphics with awesome fight actions
  • The file size of the game is about 29MB.

In Use

It is a sophisticated game but with very easy to follow rules. It is a strategic game where each participant takes his turn one by one while following a map. 

  • The players are required to collect different resources and spawn points. The collection of resources and points continues while the players have to fight with enemies. 
  • The players, by capturing the rice paddies, can buy the new archer, cavalry, and a range of force in order to fight against the enemy. The players can also capture the shrines given in the game in order to summon the Monk class which includes the healer Fox.



  • Excellent graphics with good sound quality
  • One of the most unique and finest turn based strategy game.
  • Every stage of the game has something new to offer to the players in terms of the game environment and game strategies.


  • The game is not free and the players have to pay $2.99 in order to download from iOS, and $1.99 from Android.
  • Probably need to improve the loading time of the game in the coming update


The game Skulls of the Shogun is without a doubt a fantastic game and the people love this game as it is one of the first games to have a turn-based strategic theme.

Download links: Apple iTunes, Google Play



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