Snoop Dogg: Game of Thrones is Real

Snoop Dogg: Game of Thrones is Real

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The genius rapper, Snoop Doggy Dogg recently explained the complex history behind the Game of Thrones. This came as a surprise to many who considered him ignorant about Britain’s past.

He is addicted to marijuana. That’s for sure. But did you know that the rap artist known in common parlance as Snoop Doggy Dogg is a master expert on the historical background of the United Kingdom. He has been pals with David Beckham and hung out with him in restaurants and taverns. 

Snoop also penned the lyrics to “Wet”, a song for Prince William’s bachelor party and he has thanked the Queen Mother for preventing the title of persona non grata being imposed on him in Great Britain. When contacted regarding some of his opinions he responded in a jocular tone of voice. His latest album titled “Bush” is out now and his joy as a creative artist knows no bounds. 

It looks like Snoop is returning to his roots with this new musical venture. And that would be no other venue than good old California. He spoke of how it was a mellow record that made you feel really good inside. He and Pharrell Williams formed a duo on the album. Even Stevie Wonder has a bit part in its making.  

Snoop told Page Six that Kendrick La/3/paid heed to his advice regarding standing shoulder to shoulder with the other person opposite you. Snoop and Ice Cube as well as Eazy-E were clear influences on the dude. Snoop went on to reveal that he is the greatest fan of Game of Thrones. He then went into the history of the show. 

According to Snoop, the lesson to be learnt from Game of Thrones was that monarchs have always led history by the nose and it was bad girls that ruined everything via their interference. Now that indeed is a lesson of history that no one would want to forget! We didn’t know you were such a whiz kid, Snoop!? 

Snoop then went on in the interview to say that he had plans for the future and would introduce a style of music that would be different and change the game. Dogg has been known for many other things in the past.  

Among these /4/be included: making porn, appearing in commercials, being a Master of 

Ceremonies on Wrestlemania and finally last but not least…introducing weed for home delivery. Those are quite a few accomplishments for a single individual who has a frail and emaciated frame and who looks like he’s zonked out half of the time.  

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