Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb on Embryo Battle

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb on Embryo Battle

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  • Sofia Vegara faces a lot of scrutiny created by Nick Loeb over the frozen embryos that remain avoided

Nick Loeb emphasizes that Sofia Vegara has to take an action regarding the embryos that remain frozen and says that letting them go ignored would be equal to killing them.

Nick Loeb has been pressing over the issue of the in vitro created embryos when he and Sofia were engaged. They created two female embryos that were frozen just in case the couple wanted to have children. Their relationship went south They broke up, she met Joe Mangenello and she has been engaged to him as of last year but what about the embryos and Nick?

Somebody brought out the subject to the press and to Nick’s attention and Nick felt that it was his responsibility to save his unborn daughters. He said letting them go ignored would be like letting them die and even though their relationship had ended. It did not mean that their two unborn girls had to die too.

Nick went to extreme measures by filing a lawsuit against Sofia saying that she intended to end the lives of their babies. He said that those two girls deserved to live even though their parents had broken up. 

Sofia commented in an interview that a child has to have parents who love each other or don’t atleast hate each other and even though she didn’t hate Loeb, it was fundamentally a great parental relationship that a child needs. Sofia has been avoiding to comment about the subject in the paparazzi and finding it extremely difficult to endorse her new movie alongside Reese Witherspoon, Hot Pursuit.

Nick Loeb clarified his side in an interview that he didn’t want to win Sofia back. He respected her and wished her well in life to come with Joe. He however was concerned with the two lives they had created and what it would be like to allow to let them be killed.

He said that they could both have families tomorrow and it would not be that hard but the little two girls waiting to be born should not bear the consequence of their broken relationship. He said there were a lot of single parents and he will do everything in his powers to raise the girls right and have them know that their father fought for their lives.

The issue remains that in order for the surrogacy for the babies to be born has to approved by both signing parties in the legal contract and until Sofia signs the papers for having the surrogates to be planted with the embryos and deliver the babies, there is no way that the babies will be born and neither parents will have them.

Nick wants Sofia to approve the surrogacy so he can have his two daughters that he had a role in creating and raise them instead of letting them die being unborn. A trial date has been set for later this month when the fate of these two unborn Vegara-Loeb girls will be sealed.

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