Sofia Vergara tells Vanity Fair: I Wish I Had Fake Boobs!

Sofia Vergara tells Vanity Fair: I Wish I Had Fake Boobs!

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair
  • Sofia Vergara featured on the latest issue of Vanity Fair

Sofia features on the next issue of Vanity Fair with a sizzling photoshoot and a great interview detailing how she felt about Joe, her initial days in Hollywood and her body.

Sofia Vergara is the perfect example of aging beauty and it is meant here in the best sense. She looks more beautiful with every passing day and is the smoldering example of a hot, sizzling beauty.

Sofia is being featured on the next cover of the Vanity Fair issue and it’s not just her sizzling photoshoot featuring her perfect body with Leibovitz, whom Sofia admits she was absolutely at ease with.

She said, had it been any other photographer, she would have questioned what they were asking him to do. With Leibovitz, she knew that he would make her look best. The cover features Sofia in a smoking hot scarlet figure hugging dress accentuating her breasts.

Talking about them, Sofia said that in the earlier days, she was having language tutors and trying to move on from Spanish entertainment to something better. In 20 years of struggle, she figured that instead of trying to get rid of her features and traits, she should use every asset to her benefit. That included her heavy accent, her lithe figure and her heavy bosom.

Sofia said that since she had made that decision, it had worked in her favor. Her role in Modern Family, Gloria is often called stereotypical but it was a stereotype everyone wants to be. She is critiqued for her fashion sense, about wearing a smaller size dress, she says she wants to ask those people what there problem is. 

Sofia said that she knows the challenges of having a body like hers. She has heavy breasts and it is hard to find a bra that would fit. She has had to buy them from places that sell bras for strippers. She said that she wished she had fake breasts but she doesn’t and they go all the way down when she lies or sits. So to envy her with all those problems is actually an accomplishment for her. 

Sofia Vergara also told in her interview that she almost didn’t date her now fiancé Joe Manganiello. When she broke up with her ex-fiance, she said that Joe asked Jesse Tyler Ferguson, her co-star on Modern Family for her number.

She said that she told Jesse no saying that he was too good looking for her. Joe kept pursuit of Jesse who took two days into convincing Sofia to let him give Joe her number. She finally gave in figuring she was in New Orleans and he was in L.A. and what more could happen.

Then they got around to talking a lot and he came to see her in New Orleans and they have been inseparable ever since. The only regret Sofia Vergara admits to have is having their age difference since she is 42 and Joe is 38. 


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