Sony cancels The Interview Release on Christmas

Sony cancels The Interview Release on Christmas

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  • The theatrical trailer of the Seth Rogen and James Franco starring comedy has been cancelled by the Sony Studios.

The decision was made after multiple theaters refused to screen the movie. Sony Studios has expressed its dis/4/over the North Korean hacking activities against the Studios to stop the movie screening.

The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen was a political action comedy film with a $52 million budget. The movie was about a celebrity journalist (Franco) and his producer (Rogen) when they manage to land an interview with Kim Jong-un (Park) and are instructed by the CIA to assassinate him.

The film was condemned by the North Koreans long before its release. Before any threat could be taken seriously or reacted upon. Sony data servers were hacked into and a huge amount of data was hacked.

Since November, the Studios have been held under siege. They have been threatened with disclosing of information, private and personal of the company employees by Christmas. That happened to be the same day that Sony intended to release the theatrical trailer of the movie. The specification of duration has traced the cyber-attack to North Korea. 

The theaters also withdrew their screens to showcase the movie and Sony Studios had to reconsider the release the movie. They granted their theater partners pardon upon the fact that their security was at threat. They then announced that the movie’s theatrical trailer will not be released on Christmas, according to Variety.

The absence of 32,000 screens has put the release of the movie in doubt and it is very much possible that the movie will not be coming out on DVD or VOD either. It’s sad that a movie intended to be a comedy with the best of the best i.e. Rogen and Franco, should have so much negativity associated with it.

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