Sony Pictures employs Services of Mandiant after Cyber Warfare

Sony Pictures employs Services of Mandiant after Cyber Warfare

Getty Images/ Sony Entertainment CEO and Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman and CEO Michael Lynton


Sony has employed the services of Mandiant after incidents of cyber warfare erupted.

Sony Pictures sought the help of FireEye’s Mandiant to clean the mess left behind after a huge cyber warfare that left its computer network in a state of inertness. The FBI is currently looking into the matter at hand. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. 

The previous Monday, the computer hub at Sony underwent a paralysis and a red skull was prominent on screens in place of the usual operations. The terms “Hacked By #GOP” was also displayed along with the red skull. The #GOP is probably an acronym that stands for Guardians of Peace. 

The technologists are busy repairing the whole system which seems to have gone haywire. The email functions /4/be rebooted soon. The sources have refused to comment any further regarding the whole matter. It was apparently a glitch in the system caused by an external source. An attack seems to have occurred willy nilly. 

Mandiant which is an emergency control organization is the ideal choice to clean up computer and system bugs. The hackers who launched this cyberwar are from North Korea. This attack was supposedly in response to Sony’s making of the movie “The Interview” which is a comic relief spoof about the CIA’s assassiantion attempt against Kim Jong Un. 

The government of North Korea had given a swift response to the matter by saying that the United States government had committed a terrorist act and had declared open war with their country.  

It has been seven days since things went dim at Sony studios but now the conglomerate is resisting the pressure from the group of hackers. The attack seems to have led to Sony’s trade secrets having been leaked into the folds of cyberspace. 

And while  most of the info is lost forever, Sony wants to get to the bottom of the whole issue and catch the gang of miscreants who did all this. For this it has hired Mandiant which excels in its own field of pest control as far as computers are concerned. 

Any bug or virus can be detected and eliminated within seconds (or days) by the firm which is the best of its kind. There even seems to have been some insiders who provided vital info to outsiders so that Sony ended up having its computer nexus compromised. Let’s wait and see who the accusing finger points towards in the end.   

Source: Reuters

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