Sony PS4 Deals On Black Friday 2014

Sony PS4 Deals On Black Friday 2014

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The Sony PS4 Black Friday 2014 deals have been revealed. See the hot $449 Sony PS4 Bundle is coming with a Bonus of a choice of 2 games deal advertised in the Walmart Black Friday ad. Find all Sony PS4 Black Friday 2014 deals in our Black Friday Video Game Deals Guide

Black Friday’s video game system deals are going to be at the top this year, since it has now been a year since the latest generation of systems was released. At the forefront will be the Sony PS4, which has had people anxiously awaiting a discount that so far hasn’t come. Up until recently, Sony controlled the price of the system, but now it is your chance to get in on the action.

Sony PS4 Systems

Sony PS4 systems are going to be one of the biggest deals of Black Friday, although it is going to come in a few different forms depending on the retailer.

The first major haul that analysts are expecting are standalone systems at incredible savings. For as low as $300, or $100 off of the retail price. This will likely be the lowest price that you see, whether you are looking at Best Buy, Wal Mart, or Amazon.

What will truly stand out are the bundles that are going to be offered in several different places. Sony already offers an official bundle for $450, although Best Buy is expected to have bundles with one game for $350. That is $150 off the retail price of the bundles that are normally offered the rest of the year. Amazon has traditionally been on board with similar deals, although you might have to wait until Cyber Monday for those.

Game Deals

Game deals are going to be a big deal as well. There are a lot of retailers that are going to be offering the latest games for up to 50% off the retail price. That isn’t all, though, just like last year, retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are going to be allowing customers to get a free Sony PS4 game with the purchase of two other games. These kinds of savings are going to be a big deal for people that have been waiting for a cheaper game than $60.

At the end of the day, it is safe to assume that there are going to be massive discounts on Sony PS4 systems for Black Friday. Last year didn’t see many, but that was because it was released so close to it. This year, Sony has had a chance to make their money off of it and now they are ready to bring it to even more people with the help of Black Friday deals.

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