Sony reveals PS4 20th Anniversary Edition

Sony announced Sony PS4 20th Anniversary Edition

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  • PS4 Turns 20 Today.
  • Sony Celebrates Playstation’s 20th Anniversary.

Play Station 4’s 20th anniversary edition has been revealed by Sony. And this limited special edition is sporting the original PlayStation grey finish. Only 12,300 units will be available worldwide for pre-order starting December 6th at price of €499.

It is certainly a very special and historical moment for Sony and all the Playstation fans out there; it is Playstation’s 20th anniversary. Yes it has been 20 years since the first Playstation was introduced to the world by Sony on 3rd December 1994 in Japan. It had changed and revolutionized the gaming world at that time and even today Sony is credited with it. The Playstation 1 was something wanted by everyone, it was just awesome!

20 years before when Sony introduced its first Playstation, the other companies had thought that Sony was crazy to introduce its gaming console in such a competitive market. However they had forgotten the fact that Sony was and still is famous for developing and introducing new electronics and many other consumer devices. Then why not a gaming console? Eventually Sony was very successful and the first Playstation was a huge hit.

Sony Computer Entertainment was founded by Ken Kutaragi and it was due to the love and deep admiration of game development. The 90’s was a time for taking initiatives in the game developing industry as game developers were introduced to the affordable and powerful 3D graphics rendering hardware, which made game developing and the finished games way more interesting.

This time also saw a rise in many young, ambitious and adventurous developmental studios. The original Playstation was meant to include all this and provide the users with a new and outstanding gaming experience that they had never experienced before.

Sony has definitely not forgotten its loyal customers and especially those who made their Playstation dream come true. That is why Sony has released a new 20th anniversary edition for the Playstation 4. The new edition in tribute to the Playstation 1 also sports the same original grey color and is packed in a commemorative black and white box with 20th anniversary written on it.

The controllers also resemble the ones Playstation 1 had, except that these are wireless unlike the PS1 controllers. This limited edition of the Playstation 4 is going to be priced at €499 and limited to only 12,300 units worldwide. Now that is too few, so hurry and grab yours before the stock finishes! Plus remember that these limited consoles will not be available via traditional retail channels in the SCEE region, so check out on more information before going out to buy it. 

Moreover Sony also has another surprise for its users on its 20th anniversary. Sony recently tweeted that the new PS4 system software update ‘v2.03’ will be arriving tonight. This new system update will help users in improving the usage of some of the applications.

This 20th anniversary seems to be a great one for all the Sony and Playstation fans out there. Christmas is going to be much more fun with all these presents by Sony before it. We hope that more units of this edition be available soon. 

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