Southpaw Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal portrays Eminem

Southpaw Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal portrays Eminem

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The trailer for the emotionally fueled boxing flick ‘Southpaw’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal is out now which features an exclusive new song by the rapper Eminem.

The trailer for the boxing movie ‘Southpaw’ has been released and takes the viewer on an intense emotion filled ride. The trailer shows Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a professional boxer who falls into a downward spiral after the accidental death of his wife and loses the custody of his daughter. Gyllenhaal’s character tries to find his way back to the light and regain the custody of his daughter.

The main theme of the trailer is to restore the faith and confidence of a once successful boxer after having gone through a tragedy. The biggest attraction of the movie is the ripped body made by Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor reportedly gained 15 pounds for the role and we can see plenty of toned muscles throughout the trailer in various scenes. 

The trailer starts with Gyllenhaal as Billy ‘The Great’ Hope in the ring supposedly fighting the last fight of his career while his wife Rachel McAdams looks on. The scene then shows Bill’s interaction with his family in a loving way.

The main twist of the story comes when after announcing his retirement in a press conference Billy is provoked into a fight by a rival, the scene takes a turn for the ugly as shooting gets involved and his wife is shot. Rachel McAdams character dies on the spot after being shot and Billy apparently loses it all due to the pain of the loss. 

Due to his erratic behavior Billy loses the custody of his daughter in a court. The film then follows his struggles to get back in the ring and to gain back the trust and custody of his daughter. Aiding him in his mission is the gruelling coach Titus “Tick” Wills portrayed by Forest Whitaker who mentors Billy. 

Rumor is out and about the plot is inspired by the real life struggles of the rapper Eminem aka Marshall Mathers. The theory supposedly came into existence when Eminem announced on Twitter he has been doing some work on the soundtrack for the movie ‘Southpaw’.

In the end of the trailer we hear a new song being sung by Eminem which is yet to be released. The hip hop song goes perfectly with the undertone fo the movie and we also see 50 cents the protégé of Eminem making a cameo in ‘Southpaw’. The verdict is out on ‘Southpaw’ but the fighting sequences in the movie does bring a certain level of realism to the world of boxing.

Watch below first official trailer of Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams.


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