Stan Lee Joins Livejournal Right Before Comikaze Expo

Stan Lee Joins Livejournal Right Before Comikaze Expo

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Halloween’s already offering a few treats: Stan Lee joined Livejournal and opened up Comikaze Expo. Livejournal and Lee are looking to help out a few fans, too.

In strange news, Marvel’s very own Stan Lee has joined Livejournal.

A news post released today, Oct. 31, noted Lee and Livejournal are working together on the comic creator’s Comikaze Expo this weekend. A contest announcement proclaimed the site was “thrilled to let you know that Stan will be visiting the LiveJournal booth at Comikaze Expo on Saturday, where 10 lucky fans will have a chance to meet him in person.”

The Generalissimo’s written several posts in past couple weeks, but the latest hinted at “a very exciting fan announcement to make on Saturday at 1:30 that involves all of you.” All of you? Well, that’s one way to hook an audience, Mr. Lee.

He added, “Be sure to also check back on my journal here as I have a lot more exciting stories and announcements to share very soon.” Well-played at keeping news close to the vest. And the audience is definitely interested.

Right now, DC and Marvel are playing chicken, trying to keep and steal audience members to their readership and audience. Stan Lee /4/not be running Marvel comics anymore, but there’s no denying he’s the most famous face to come out of the business. After over forty years, he’s practically the institution in human form.

Running Oct. 31 until 2, Comikaze promises a fun holiday weekend.

Boasting that “pop culture rules the universe and no event in LA has more pop culture than Comikaze,” he promises this year will be better than ever with guests like Kevin Conroy (Batman, Batman: The Animated Series), Hynden Walsh (Starfire, Teen Titians Go!), Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), John Barrowman (Captain Jack, Doctor Who/Torchwood), Kevin Smith (Dogma), Jim Lee (DC Entertainment) Jewel Staite (Kaylee, Firefly), Dita von Teese, and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Gamut’s covered.

Comikaze’s the largest comic convention in Los Angeles, so the affiliation makes sense for Livejournal. Fans of comics and superhero movies talk…a lot, which is vital in hits and visibility since Marvel’s Event this past Tuesday dropped a ton of upcoming MCU news and speculation. (Side note: who’s not excited to see Carol Danvers kicking butt?)

And the most prominent community on the English side of the site is gossip blog Oh No They Didn’t, and superheroes aren’t exactly unloved in ONTD. Livejournal /4/be looking to bring up its visibility and social relevance.

Livejournal used to be a prominent form of social media, but as general blogging transitioned to a variety of specialized blogging by news media, Livejournal’s fallen behind the times. So it’s a little surprising to see Stan Lee join the site’s ranks.

Is this a Justin Timberlake turn around attempt for MySpace–though, not as an owner since Russia-based SUP Media currently owns Livejournal? In fact, Livejournal’s faced a lot of backlash with user activity falling off since SUP purchased the site from previous owners Six Apart in 2007. And considering Livejournal’s creation date is 1999 seems to put Lee’s joining a bit late out of the box.

However, Stan Lee’s not the only the famous geek idol on the site. George R.R. Martin, author of The Game of Thrones, frequently posts on his personal blog. Ursula Vernon, Jim C. Hines, Seanan McGuire, and Cleolinda Jones use the site as well. It is a reader’s dream with the amount of authors who interact on the site.

And on the Russian side, many politicitians, like Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, use the site. And yes, political science is a tried-and-true nerdy topic. Anyone remember Alex P. Keaton? Kirill Yeskov, a writer and paleontologist also uses the service.

Will Stan Lee and Livejournal form a beneficial partnership? Only time will tell. But if Lee leaks news about comics, in any form, or the Marvel cinematic universe? Those hit counts and traffic reports will soar.

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