Stanford Develops Tiny Robot with Super Human Strength

Stanford Develops Tiny Robot with Super Human Strength

NewScientist / Stanford University

Tiny robots gain super strength by emulating animals.

Engineers at the Stanford University developed tiny robots that are super strong. Some of the robots are able to climb walls while pulling a weight that is 100 times more than themselves.

Another robot named μTug (photo), weighing 12g can pull a weight that is 2,000 times heavier. Stanford’s David Christensen says: “the same as you pulling around a blue whale.” What happens when they make big versions of these tiny super strong robots. Will it be the rise of the robots?

The secret to the strength of the robots are adhesive rubber spikes that grip firmly on walls and ground. Future versions could be used in factories or in emergency situations. Super strong robots would come in handy in earthquake disaster rescue.

Via NewScientist.


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