Steve Jobs Biopic: Some Facts at a Glance

Steve Jobs Biopic: Some Facts at a Glance

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  • New Steve Jobs Movie Will Feature Michael Fassbender As Jobs

The production is going to be hiring Michael to play Steve and reports suggest that Natalie Portman is also in talks and will probably sign to play in the film.

There have been many Steve Jobs movies in the past. The recent Steve Jobs movie was called Jobs and in that movie, Steve Jobs was played by Ashton Kutcher. Ashton had to grow some a weird beard that made him look like Steve Jobs.

In that movie the Apple fans learned how Steve Jobs got to where he was. People learned how he started his company from his parent’s garage and then eventually went on to buy an office.

The movie ‘Jobs’ also showed us how dedicated Steve Jobs was to his work and how he managed to bring color to the screens. He also invented a color video game which was a huge thing back in the day. Now the Apple fans are going to get a new Steve Jobs movie and this time around the production has signed Michael Fassbender to play Steve Jobs.

This new movie is supposed to have a better script and a better director. People are saying that this new Steve Jobs movie could be up for an Oscar in the future. The fact that Sony is going to be making the movie, is good for the movie.

Sony managed to get a good director for the film. The new movie is going to start its shooting from next year as they are still looking for casting members and are in their negotiations phase. The hit movie Trainspotting was directed by Danny Boyle and they have got him to direct this new movie.

When we look at his previous work, we are guaranteed that this movie is going to be a hit. The writer of the new movie is also in a class of his own. He wrote the scripts of The Social Network, A Few Good Men and The West Wing. Aaron Sorkin is going to be the writer of the new movie.

One thing that the fans will find interesting is that the new Steve Jobs is actually based on a biography which was written by Walter Isaacson. He is the man who authorized Steve Jobs’ biography. Michael Fassbender is going to have a tough time playing Steve Jobs.

The script size was revealed recently. The size of the whole script in 181 pages and Michael will have to read 100 pages out of those 181 pages. Two other actors auditioned to play as Steve Jobs but when they heard about the size of the script, they dropped out.

One of those actors was Christian Bale. Even Batman didn’t have the courage to play through those 100 pages. Leonardo DiCaprio also dropped out of the race to play Steve Jobs as he had a scheduling conflict.

Steve Wozniak might be played by the comedian Seth Rogen. This will be a different kind of role for Seth as he only likes to make the movies himself and only plays comedies.

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