Steven Spielberg ready to direct Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg ready to direct Ready Player One

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The famed director, Steven Spielberg is to apply his consummate directing skills to the science fiction cult movie Ready Player One.

Ready Player One is going to be a very popular film that is based on the novel by Ernest Cline. And guess what? Steven Spielberg is all set to direct it. The film will depict virtual reality at its best. Warner Brothers are going to oversee the expenditure costs for the movie. And this happens to be the next film after The BFG by Steven Spielberg.

It’s been more than a dozen years since Spielberg met with the execs of Warner Brothers Studios. It was around the turn of the millennium that he directed A.I. Artificial Intelligence at the studio premises. And in that case he got some help from Stanley Kubrick.

Since than Spielberg seems to have taken a long hiatus from the particular provenance. Go farther back in time and you find Empire of the Sun and The Color Purple. Finally in the 80s we had Gremlins and Goonies.

According to Deadline, one of the heads of Warner Brothers welcomed Steven back with warm words to the effect that it was a thrill to be working with him. It was a wonderful series of films the director and the studio had made in collaboration in the 80s and 90s.  

Ready Player One even had a point in the plot of the text where Steven Spielberg is mentioned by name. Some other directors besides him such as Tarantino and Lucas are given references too.

Even Indiana Jones and E.T. are given their rightful place in the novel. Just watching the film will feel to the audience like they have been thrown into another world. The very nature of cinema and how the cinema-goers take it are at stake here.

Both could get irreversibly changed thanks to Steven Spielberg and Warner Brothers. If you recall, such films as The Lego Movie, Inception and The Matrix certainly exceed the limits of leading-edge technology.

The movie shows the world in 2044. A game known as OASIS is shown taking place and a virtual reality creator has a big role in it. How you play the game and whether you get to take over the entire gaming franchise is what the novel is about. How it will be adapted to the big screen is a big question.

The novel has become a bestseller and is popular in more than three dozen countries. The video game milieu of the 80s finds special mention in the novel. As for the brand new technology that will get used in the depiction of the movie, it will probably alter the digital viewing experience as we know it forever. 


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