Sting will try to rescue The Last Ship

Sting will try to rescue The Last Ship

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  • Sting to salvage his Broadway Musical by Appearing in it.

The mega rock star Sting, is to salvage his Broadway musical titled The Last Ship by appearing in it himself.

Sting is getting on in years. The Police originator of such songs as “Every Breath You Take” and “Fields of Gold” has a Broadway musical that is floundering. In an unprecedented move in which he is taking a definite risk, Sting is to appear in his show. That is for the sheer sake of saving it from ruin.

The Broadway musical show titled The Last Ship for which he wrote the music and lyrics has had record low audiences showing up. It has indeed been a big blow to Sting’s self esteem. He had expected his show to do much better than how it is doing currently.

So he has decided on performing the ultimate publicity stunt by appearing in it himself. The show began towards the end of September and by now it has been undergoing a loss of $75,000 on a weekly basis. It has become a white elephant for Sting and is a total failure.

Whether or not Sting’s presence during the episodes of The Last Ship will be enough to boost ratings is a moot point. It might be a stimulus of sorts and it might not make an iota of difference. It all depends upon the response.

The whole shebang also reflects Sting’s degree of involvement in the enterprise. He said that he had been there at the rehearsals and performances of The Last Ship since day one. And he also said that he would do anything (and by that he means anything including mooning at Macy’s) in order to get the ratings of his show into the stratosphere.

The Last Ship is about a group of Britons who are ship construction workers. The tale tells about how they regain pride in their work and rebuild their relationships. Sting admitted that he had not aimed the whole show at his fans and that he also knew for a fact that Broadway would not be a piece of cake.

The platform has indeed turned out to be a tough nut to crack. One of the actors who was being replaced by Sting has said that he is happily vacating his slot for such a big star like Sting. Sting will hopefully have no problems with the lyrics and acting chops since he is so familiar with them. 

Source: NYTimes

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