Stone Cold Steve Austin hates Vince McMahon while he loves him back

Stone Cold Steve Austin hates Vince McMahon while he loves him

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  • Vince McMahon loves Stone Cold.
  • But Steve Austin hates McMahon.

The bold and bravado-filled Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon faced off against each other recently in an interview.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had a one-on-one talk with Vince McMahon awhile back and they discussed various issues having to do with the WWE and the professional wrestlers who work for it.

Austin started off by saying that no one went out on a limb when it came to wrestling in the ring anymore. He seemed to be trying to say that there was a difference between the wrestlers of his generation and those of the current generation.

Vince told Stone Cold Steve Austin that he generally pissed people off to which he agreed. Vince went ahead and explained that basically today’s era was one of the Millennials and they had most of their stuff done for them by others.

There was a sense of privilege among them that led to them being sort of like slackers. Vince even tweeted this much later on that he and Steve Austin had a love-hate relationship…he loved him while Austin hated him back. The era of Steve Austin was one of attitude and male machismo alright.

The late 90s and early Noughties were indeed eons when “D” defined the decade. Destruction, democracy and deconstruction were rife in that period. Vince in the interview was trying to point out the contrast between two mindsets and two Zeitgeists.

He was partially successful since he pointed out that there was obviously a thing called the temper of the times that mattered. Nowadays people weren’t as rough and tough as in the days of Steve Austin when he battled The Rock or Dwayne Johnson.

This generation was a pampered one alright. And yet no one liked to fail or be called a failure. There was this thing called fear of failure among everyone from the highest to the lowest. At some stage Vince tried to convince Steve that you have to have fun making fun of others.

Since all of professional wrestling was about entertainment and the players never really got injured much, the motif was one of fun and funniness. Steve talked about having made many tough decisions in the past.

The competition was a daunting one according to Steve. But nowadays Steve found such sissies in the arena.

The Stone Cold Podcast sure sparked some lively debates and discussions on Twitter. It was a very interesting couple of minutes between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. 

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