Stone Cold Steve Austin on Wrestlemania 14

Stone Cold Steve Austin on Wrestlemania 14

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  • Talks about his match with HBK
  • Says HBK had a bad attitude
  • Rumors about Austin’s return

The WWE Hall of Famer Talks Drama At WrestleMania Against Shawn Michaels

It is often said that WrestleMania 14 marked the official start of the Attitude Era after Shawn Michaels was defeated by Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF championship. This also kick started the rise of the Texas Rattlesnake which till today remains a very important turning point in the history of wrestling industry. However, much to Austin’s surprise, this didn’t turn out as it was expected and it wasn’t so smooth either. On one of the recent episodes of The Steve Austin Show, he was inquired about his experience working with Shawn Michaels.

Talking about that WrestleMania 14 match, Austin said “It was a real pain even getting to the match, and Shawn will tell you this, he wasn’t in a good place, physically or mentally. He had a real bad attitude on him and didn’t feel like dropping the strap.” Austin further went on talking about HBK’s attitude in which he specified an open workout in Boston in which Michaels was hit with a battery which sent him over the edge. Austin as well as Mike Tyson, who was present there, weren’t sure if he was going to come back after he had left. In the match, Tyson has played a special enforcer.

We have also heard from Wrestling Inc that this match was also of quite interest to The Undertaker who remained stubborn about ensuring that Shawn Michaels was defeated in the match at WrestleMania 14. Undertaker went as far as to tape his fingers and was prepared to confront Michaels if he didn’t do the honors, confirming an infamous story in which has circulated for years. We might think that the outcome of the match was in favor of Austin, but he wasn’t so satisfied with it. Austin said that “I walked out of that thing as WWE Champion, but I told Vince that match was the drizzling sh-ts” and he recalls that Vince had convinced him at that time that it was fine and they had accomplished what they had to.

It has been months now since we have been hearing rumors regarding Austin’s comeback who retired in 2003 from in-ring competition and hasn’t returned since. But we are quite sure that the dream matchup of “Stone Cold vs. CM Punk” will always exist in the minds of WWE fans. And fans won’t stop clamoring about this match particularly after their iconic encounter on Monday Night Raw in 2011.

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