Suge Knight Bail requested to be set at $25 Million

Suge Knight requests $25 Million Bail

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  • Marion “Suge” Knight’s Bail has been requested to be set at $25 Million

The bail of Marion “Suge” Knight has been requested to be set at $25 million by the public prosecutor Barnes and a petition was filed on Thursday in the Los Angeles court.

The bail of Marion “Suge” Knight has been requested to be set at $25 million by the prosecuting team. The prosecutor argued Suge is an unrepentant criminal in papers filed in the Los Angeles court on Thursday.  The prosecutor Deputy Dist. Atty. Cynthia J. Barnes filed the petition against Suge on Thursday. 

The petition filed arguing the setting of Suge’s bail is 295 pages long. It details the Death Row Records co-founders multiple brushes against law and provides evidence of Suge being implicated in witness intimidation, robberies, assaults, extortion, money laundering and battery. The evidence is supported by the reports gained by about two dozen Los Angeles police officers. 

Suge is set to appear in a courtroom downtown on Friday before the Judge Ronald S. Coen, according to LATimes. The visit is a hearing regarding the setting of Suge’s bail. The prosecutor will argue to set the bail of Suge at a multi-million dollar bond.  

The court document filed on Thursday contains evidence that implicate Suge in crimes such as extorting ‘taxes’ from new rappers and athletes who arrive in Los Angeles or Las Vegas in search of work. Suge is also involved in a money laundering scheme with an amount of $10 million in 2002. 

The document submitted by Barnes contains a total of 31 criminal incidents conducted by Suge n the last decade. Matthew P. Fletcher the attorney representing Suge did not respond for any comments. Fletcher is representing Suge in a case in which Suge allegedly ran over Terry Carter and Cle Sloan on 29th January in the parking lot of an LA restaurant.

The threesome probably had an argument on a set to determine the commercial about a new film. Following the incident Suge was charged with one count of murder and attempted murder and two counts of a hit and run. Suge is also accused of having committed a violent felony while on bail in another case.

Apparently Suge was angry about not having been compensated for the film ‘Straight Outta Compton’ in which a character is very similar to him. In some text messages obtained as evidence Suge was shown as being angry and planning retaliation. 


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