Suge Knight Hit and Run Video aids his Prosecution

Suge Knight Hit and Run Video aids his Prosecution

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A video clip of Suge Knight running over a man in his SUV has aided his prosecution in court. It can be clearly seen in the video clip that Suge Knight bulldozes his vehicle into two men killing one of them in the process.

The video footage of Suge Knight reversing his SUV and knocking over two men, one of them fatally, has been presented in court as a part of his ongoing trial. Suge had driven to the Straight Outta Compton set where Dr. Dre was doing his own thing.

This was after Suge was unceremoniously ejected from another place. According to Suge, he had gone there to make amends with Dre. TMZ posted the video that shows how Suge is assaulted by Cle “Bone” Sloane. As Cle attacks him through the window of his vehicle, Suge makes a sharp reverse and knocks over Cle.

Terry Carter, the other man who was closeby and who was knocked dead, can be seen in the video too. If you hear Suge’s side of the story, he was afraid for his well-being and was trying to escape for dear life from the place. Suge thought one of these two men would kill him. 

Suge furthermore said that both men had weapons on them. This in fact /4/be corroborated in the video clip. While the prosecution claims that Suge could have simply driven his vehicle off the road in a straightforward manner, Suge’s defense lawyer said that he was apprehensive lest he be dealt with violently by the small yet hostile crowd that had gathered by his vehicle.

Suge even said that the man he had accidentally killed, Terry Carter, was aiming a gun at him and would have shot him dead had be not beat a hasty retreat. The family of Carter were glad that the video of the incident was being released. They expressed the wish that it be shown in its grisly details so that this monster named Suge could be prosecuted for his heinous crimes.

The fact of the matter is that the part where Carter gets squished by the vehicle is too horrific to watch. Just seeing it makes your blood boil at the nature of the savage crime that got perpetrated that fateful night. It seems that Suge Knight will need more than a guardian angel to see him through his much-publicized trial of his.  

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