Supernatural 200th Episode: Behind the Scenes Video

Supernatural 200th Episode is for the Fans

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Producers talk about Supernatural’s season 10, 200th Episode and series finale.

Supernatural premiered on The WB back in 2005 and it is difficult to think that anyone, even the network or series creator Eric Kripke thought it would be such a hit and would be still running after 10 years. This is because at the start of its release Supernatural did not fare that well and even more surprising was the fact that it remained on air even after the merger of The WB and UPN into, The CW in 2006.

However Supernatural survived and not just survived it created a large base of fan following that has increased ever since. With the show around the corner to release its 200th episode, the series cast and crew managed to attend a TCA press event.

Show-runner Jeremy Carver revealed that the 200th episode of this amazing series is going to be a musical. Carver stated that it would not be entirely music based but includes multiple musical number including two cover songs and an original. However, Carver did not reveal whether Sam and Dan would actually sing and also kept the original plot to him.

Although he insists that this episode is going to be one of their most Meta comedies up till now and would be loved by the fans. Carver also confirmed that Dean’s big metamorphosis into a demon at the final stages of season 9 will not be a story that gets unfold quickly.

He explained that a new character will be introduced, who has an interest in Dean’s future and a number of episodes would include this new character and ‘Demon Dean’. Sam will be seen spending the early part of the season searching for his brother who will take off with Crowley. Moreover Castiel will be busy in taking care of the mess left by Metatron’s cancelled plan to take over heaven. 

Season 9 did have one aspect which was dislike by all, which was the absurd spin-off episode ‘Bloodlines’. This made it seem much more like the famous vampire saga The Twilight in Chicago rather than something related to Supernatural.  

Even after much criticism The CW President Mark Pedowitz still wants to carry on with such a spin-off to work. He also stated that it is now solely up to the producers of Supernatural to come up with a good plan that is worth taking a shot at.

After all these questions, the moment arrived finally when the important issue of when Supernatural will end was taken up. It was asked whether there was an end already planned to which Carver explained that the creator of the series Eric Kripke did have an ending in plan around the fifth season.

However it could not be put to use as the show continued. He also revealed that Eric had never disclosed his end plan and that he had his own end plan in mind. Carver also stated that even though he had an end plan in mind he would be happy if along the way something leads to a better or different finale. 

The 200th episode was actually for the fans and about the fans, and they must have enjoyed this episode of their favorite series.

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