Survivor: Parvati Shallow speaks on The Season of Mike

Survivor: Parvati Shallow speaks on The Season of Mike

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Parvati Shallow expatiated recently on the character of Mike in the Survivor episode. She used many laudatory words to describe Mike.

Parvati Shallow said that Survivor: Worlds Apart ought to be rightly termed The Season of Mike. Mike worked as an oil driller in Texas. He started out by swallowing a live scorpion and later on threw up the remains of the poisonous insect.

Parvati said that no one could have guessed that Mike would go on to see much success on Survivor. But the fact of the matter is he is a highly skilled man. He acts not just like an Alpha Male but like a saint. In order to let his team mates perform their tasks, he went out of the way to assist them. He is a challenge to the others.

He is also a perfectionist. And that streak of OCD in him might just make him a winner in the end. But while the only skill is the skill to survive, his body /4/give in to hunger and thirst before his mind throws in the towel. It is indeed a case of him against himself and /4/the best man win. 

Pain is something which is illusory and in the mind alone. Mike can ignore it if he so chooses. But it is a difficult proposal. Then there is Dan who according to Parvati is a hunk. Dan along with Rodney and Will are into chasing the chicks.

And as far as that siren named Sierra is concerned, while she is a tough girl, her ultimate test remains and whether she passes it or not is a moot question. Mike will probably win since he has the chutzpah and the moxie to break on through to the next dimension in terms of patience when it comes pain.

The man is a behemoth that refuses to take no for an answer. As for Shirin, home is the destination this season and that is final. Meanwhile, Mike has a surprise or two up his sleeves. He shows his immunity card and nominates Shirin.

The voting then begins in earnest. The program truly shows how people could survive the hardships and politics of living with others among scarce resources on an island.

In the end, we all wave Shirin goodbye and Mike is left holding his head in agony since Shirin, his girl, is leaving him for good. We hope that Mike will have a new friend from among the females next time around. 


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